Going on a Big Five safari is truly a bucket-list dream. To venture out in the sweeping bushveld, hoping to spot a lion or leopard stalking their prey, or to see the gentle giant slowly making its way past you, swaying his trunk from side to side as you snap pictures off the back of an open-air game vehicle. Let us not forget about the mighty buffalo, wallowing in a mud bath, or having the privilege of seeing the endangered rhino grazing silently on the freshly drenched grass from the first summer rains.

With so much to see and experience on a Big Five Safari, when a luxurious 5-star destination like Kapama Private Game Reserve offers additional facilities like award-winning Spa and Wellness Centres, you might ask:

Why should I indulge in a Spa experience while on Safari?

Let us take you on a wellness journey of what you can experience to help answer this question.

Karula spa with guest walking

9 Reasons why you should indulge in a Spa Experience while on Safari?

  • Going on Safari is an emotional and life-changing experience
  • A Spa & Wellness Centre has a positive effect on your mental and physical well being
  • Combining a spa experience with a safari holiday will give you complete fulfilment: Emotional, Mental and Physical
  • Travelling long distances can be stressful. The aim of all Kapama’s spa treatments is total relaxation and relief of muscle tension
  • There is enough time during the day between your two safaris to enjoy a massage, a delicious lunch at the facilities as well as a couple of treatments, making it a full-day indulgence
  • Travelling can be harsh on your skin. Flying and sun exposure can cause dehydration. Spa treatments like massage, body treatment and facials can improve hydration, leaving your skin silky smooth when you return from your holiday
  • Spa in a bush environment, surrounded by calmness and stillness and the opportunity to connect with nature, is a unique experience. You are even able to spot wildlife from the pool or your spa treatment room
  • Enjoy a truly African experience. From the implements used in unique African massages and treatments to the natural ingredients from which the products are made, like the Marula fruit (only in Africa). Marula is the scent you will smell all over the spa and in each treatment room, gym and changing room.
  • African treatments like the Rungu and Calabash Massages will only be experienced in Africa

Kapama calabash spa treatment

Now that you have a few reasons to indulge in a spa experience while on safari, let us introduce you to Kapama’s two world-class and award-winning luxury Spa Centres.

River Lodge Spa

Part of Kapama River Lodge and considered one of the finest safari spas in Africa, the River Lodge Spa has six sumptuous treatment rooms in a setting surrounded by stillness and sweeping bushveld. Arranged around a generous central lap pool the spa evokes a sense of calm.

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Highly trained and experienced beauty therapists offer the trendiest global body and beauty treatments with a uniquely African twist.

Kapama River Lodge Spa Wellness Centre Treatment

Alternatively, if you’d like to work up a sweat, the state-of-the-art mini-gym is fully equipped with cardio and weight-lifting equipment.

Kapama River lodge Gym treadmills

With a selection of lighter meals made from carefully selected local, seasonal and fresh ingredients, the menu compliments a holistic wellness experience that fuels the mind, body and soul. Kapama caters for multiple dietary requirements. Our dedicated team are happy to accommodate your preferences for the ultimate Wellness experience.

Kapama spa cuisine

After your treatment or body workout, take a swim or relax under bushveld skies. The pool overlooks a waterhole where elephants and buffalo often come to quench their thirst or wallow in the mud giving you a Big Five wildlife experience from the comfort of the luxurious spa. This kind of experience is almost priceless.

Kapama River Lodge aerial Spa view

Kapama Karula Spa

Kapama Karula, our ultra-luxurious and prestigious flagship lodge exudes calmness and depicts the pinnacle of elegant safari accommodation. To find peace in paradise look no further than Kapama Karula’s Spa & Wellness centre, where tranquillity resides.

Surrounded by glass, this stunning spa has an intimate connection with the bushveld scenery. Impalas can often be seen grazing beyond the glistening glass. Every aspect of the spectacular design and décor invites you to pamper yourself.

Kapama spa experience
Kapama Karula Spa entrance
Kapama Karula Spa Wellness Centre Couples Treatment Room

With four deluxe treatment rooms and a range of revitalizing health and beauty treatments, this spa uses only the finest quality products. You can choose between half-day packages, full-day packages and spa therapy packages.

So what are you waiting for? If a luxurious Spa Safari holiday inspires your adventurous nature, let Kapama Karula and Kapama River Lodge Spa & Wellness Centres energise, inspire and uplift you as you relax under African skies.

Let your African Safari Spa indulgence begin today. For more on our Spas and treatments available click HERE

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