We are once again proud to announce the winners in the Kapama staff Photo Competition. For the past few years, Kapama has held a competition whereby its staff can submit interesting and wonderful photographs taken while out and about on the Reserve. It is not only for the rangers and trackers but any member of staff that wants to show off their talent. We encouraged our staff to unleash their creativity and explore the natural environment, which they call home. The responses received this first quarter of 2018, were truly magnificent. There were numerous photos submitted resulting in the selection being drilled down to Top 20, Top 10, Top 5 and then finally the third place, runner-up and winner.

“Well done to all who entered.”, said Heinrich van der Berg, a professional photographer and the judge of the competition. Once again the staff of Kapama submitted terrific photos and the standard was high, making it a tough choice. “For the 1st quarter Kapama photo competition we looked for a number of key elements: That included – Animal behaviour and uniqueness of that behaviour, Action, Good Lighting, Composition, Image quality. Original photographs were taken from unique angles, of exceptional behaviour or in beautiful light.”

“The winners this month was chosen because they were different,” said Heinrich “The light combined with good action. Timing and perfect positioning. Unique characters and quality image.”

Third place was awarded to Mike Brown from Southern Camp. Mike was our winner in the previous competition and continues to deliver superb photography. His entry of the old male Lion, with the one-eye, displayed this unique character in a great quality shot.

The runner-up of the Leopard drinking is a perfectly timed shot. Not only was the elusive Leopard captured during the day, but also the perfect timing of capturing its tongue while drinking and staring directly at the camera.  Well-done Matthew Derry on your terrific entry.


 The winning image is just brilliant and congratulations go to Danell Bartie from Southern Camp. The light shining down on the action of the Hippo with the water cascading over its teeth was well deserving of first place. Well done Danell!

Heinrich also passed on some valuable advice. “For future entries make sure that the images are well colour corrected and cropped correctly. Think about composition and remember that light is the most important aspect of wildlife photography.”

Christiaan Basson, General Manager – Tourism, once again handed over the prizes to the deserving winners at the official prize giving. First prize is an R5,000 voucher from OutdoorPhoto. First, Second and Third place winners each receive a certificate to acknowledge their accomplishments as well as a Kapama Photo Tips book, published by Heinrich van der Berg, to help them improve their skills and knowledge about photography

We are looking forward to the rest of 2018, to see what other amazing scenes of nature will be captured and shared.