What an amazing few days, the game sightings have been fantastic! There is one however that stands out. This has to be one of my best sightings on Kapama!

We were watching our big male lion and our unusually large lioness lazing around in the late afternoon in true African style when, from a near buy thicket, we heard another lioness calling, immediately the male lion got up and trotted off in the direction of the calling lioness followed closely by the large lioness, when the male lion met up with the calling lioness they began a “game” of cat and mouse, the female running off with the male in hot pursuit roaring and growling, first in one direction then in another and the large female following behind also giving a low roar every now and then.

We believe that the lioness’ calling was an indication that she was coming into season and that she was looking for a mate. What started out as a quiet late afternoon game drive turned out to be an action packed adventure for my guests. I’m sure that they will never forget it.

By: Ryan Roodt – River Lodge Ranger