Community development is a vital part of what we do and Kapama Private Game Reserve is well aware of the environment we are blessed to be a part of. Supporting and investing in sustainable economic growth and wildlife conservation are given in terms of the sustainability of the reserve and the greater Kruger area. But helping previously disadvantaged communities living in the vicinity of our reserve is what community is all about. After all, a community is its people.

We assist these communities through education, development and support so they are equipped to build economically sustainable livelihoods and by doing so empowering them means empowering others. Taking care of the future is one of our main objectives and this means the youth need to be the focus and driving force of this growth. At a basic and practical level, children need guidance, they need support, they need to be educated, they need to be equipped with developmental skills and they need to matter.

Our Passion Projects – are committed to helping our communities and our initiatives start at a grassroots level. For a full recap on all our community and conservation projects – click HERE



All Kapama’s community development projects are driven by our in-house community manager, Trichia Jacobs and the focus is to work with Makwetse School, in Akornhoek, on a deeper level such as teacher support and development.

Support is given to maths educators within the school and Grade R pupils are given the extra bit of help to improve their fine motor skills and by so doing, lay the vital foundation for their future. There is also a bursary programme in place and learners are given the opportunity to attend the Southern Cross Schools situated in Hoedspruit.

Visits to Makwetse School are possible for Kapama guests and by visiting the school, guests can be hands-on and present to see the development work in practice and experience the greater community we are proud to be a part of.

Visiting and experiencing the school is an important item on many of our guests’ itineraries and groups of 10 guests can visit the school and take part in a day’s activities during the school term. Walk around the Eco Village (perhaps even sample some of the produce!) tour the school and see the ongoing building and refurbishment of the infrastructure, but most importantly spend time with the children. The kids love to meet our guests and they always make the children feel special.

Participating directly in our Social Development and Community Projects is a huge part of what Kapama stands for.

For more information on this passion project please email us.


A passion project close to our hearts is the Ntombana Project – in collaboration with Eco Children. This project instils compassion, knowledge, and empowerment – where every young girl’s journey towards womanhood is met with grace, dignity, and the tools they deserve. The Ntombana project is a beacon of hope and enlightenment for the young hearts of our community.

Menstruation is still a taboo topic in many areas of South Africa. This has led to many girls not attending school when they are on their cycle – either because they don’t fully understand what is happening, don’t have access to sanitary pads or can’t afford them.

Each year girls can lose up to 12 weeks of school putting immense pressure on them. Many girls fall behind in school and some even drop out of school altogether. 

Our mission is to uplift, educate, and equip the young girls of our community with a fundamental necessity – sanitary pads. The NTOMBANA PROJECT gives young girls a reusable sanitary pad pack which can last up to 48 months. This reusable pack & info booklet has given girls in the community peace of mind to attend school year-round. 

We firmly believe that by providing them with these basic essentials, we are not only addressing a physical need but also nurturing their confidence, enabling them to pursue their dreams unhindered. We aim to educate, bridge the knowledge gap surrounding menstrual health, and foster an environment where every girl can emerge as an empowered individual.

Your support and contribution can make an everlasting impact on the lives of these young girls. Join us in this virtuous journey of spreading awareness, education, and empowerment. Together, we can gift them the power to dream, the courage to aspire, and the knowledge to rise above challenges.

For more on how to get involved, contact Trichia Jacobs at [email protected] for all the details.



Eco Children is a non-profit organisation that focuses on improving learning environments specifically by stimulating childrens’ interest in nature. By ‘sowing the seeds of change’, they put children at the forefront of learning about their environment and conservation, build and constantly improve the much-needed infrastructure desperately needed and develop a reading culture through the development of libraries. 

Kapama is in a partnership with Eco Children at Makwetse School where the concept of eco education is practiced. Knowing what it means to appreciate and be part of a national park requires careful education and by teaching children about where they live they can learn all facets of ‘whole school’ education.

The first, very practical and hands-on step in eco education is to build an Eco Village. This consists of a large vegetable garden where the children are shown how to grow their own food. By involving the children, the teachers and volunteers, a sustainable vegetable garden is established. The children are in charge of the garden and seeing the look of delight on their faces at being able to eat the food they plant makes it a rewarding and satisfying undertaking. Surplus food from the garden also helps feed the community.


pack for a purpose

Small Space. Little Effort. Big Impact.

This is what Pack for a Purpose, a worldwide organisation that makes it easy for travellers to make a difference at their destination, is all about. By leaving a small space in your luggage, pack an item that can be donated to the Thulamahashe community and something that may seem basic and insignificant to you can make a huge difference to the lives of those in need.

Whether it’s a book, a game, a toy or an item of clothing, that could mean a child gets a new pair of shoes or plays with a new puzzle, click here to see what supplies are needed for the projects we support. Pop something in your bag from home or chat to us about buying locally once you get here.

Please click here to see what supplies are needed for our project/projects.