Feel Africa underfoot on a guided bush walk with a highly-trained game ranger. Bush walks are included in the tariff and offer guests a deeper insight into the best kept secrets of the African bushveld. A bush walk is about exploring certain parts of the reserve to observe, learn and interact with a variety of elements typically found in the bush. It is not a hike, or a long walk to freedom, and anyone can participate no matter their fitness level.

B – Bush craft is demonstrated to guests by the rangers – learn to track animals the traditional way, using footprints and scat to identify the different species. Expert trackers can even tell the gender of many animals just from their footprints.

U – This experience offers a unique and intimate encounter with nature – from the animals who live there, to the medicinal plants which grow abundantly, ready to help us once we unlock their healing properties.

S – Secrets of the bush are revealed as you discover fascinating facts about insects, flowers, birds, and small mammals such as genet– not to mention creepy-crawlies of all shapes and sizes like lizards – or beautiful lilies in a pond.

H – This will be a highlight of your stay. It is different being in the bush on foot from what you experience if you are on a game drive vehicle. You get to see and feel the bush around you at every step. It certainly gets the heart beating faster.

W – A walk on the wild side during your stay at Kapama Private Game Reserve is a truly memorable and authentic encounter offering different photographic opportunities for your family album. Open spaces and fresh air revive body, mind, and soul.

A – Adventure is just one close encounter away – literally just a few metres – for guests fortunate enough to meet up with some four-legged residents of the bush.

L – Large and dangerous animals are avoided on walks, but many other species can be viewed at ground level. This gives you a larger than life feeling.

K – Your knowledge of the wilderness around you improves as you learn more about the surrounding area. You are never too old to learn something new they say!

“We took my guests out in the morning after their breakfast to go south in the reserve for the one-hour bush walk. One of my guests spotted the bones of a giraffe, and one broken horn of a male kudu. We stopped to discuss what we had found. It was interesting, because the bones found were the front legs of a giraffe. Guests could feel the weight of the bones, even after a hyena had crushed a part of the bone – which is common in the wild as they need the calcium found in the bone. Exploring Kapama is interesting for those who take the time to explore on foot,” said Collen Maentja Buffalo Camp Ranger.