While setting off on drive my guests request to see some Elephant and Rhino… So off we go!

We find the Elephants with ease – the whole herd relaxed, going about their business. Some are stripping off the bark from branches, while some are munching happily on grass – which at this time of the year is akin to Straw! The youngsters are cavorting and playing with each other in the cooler evening air.

A while later while approaching a watering hole, we find a herd of buffalo that is slowing trotting up to go drink water – I smile – there is nothing better than watching Buffalo drinking and nervously watching out for lions.

I then find a Porcupine happily snacking on “Mother in Laws tongue” – a succulent plant found in the region. I think to myself, WOW, a Porcupine in broad day light… Now that was a treat.

We later saw two Aardvark – now seeing one in an evening is great, but two… That can only be a sign – summer is on the way.

After a spectacular Sunset and a warm evening, I can only be thankful…

What an amazing day in the bush!!!

Story by: Hailey Bunge-Kapama River Lodge Ranger