Sustainable Tourism Development in Africa

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When guests come on safari, it is not only the luxurious accommodation and beautiful wildlife that is part of the experience. A large part is also enjoying delicious locally inspired cuisine which encapsulates the heart and spirit of the people and culture of the places that they visit. Guests get to indulge in wonderful and unique tastes they might not ever get to enjoy unless on safari. However, one way to enjoy a culinary gastronomic experience and bring the flavours from afar back home, is recreate a few of these delicious meals through a cook book.
One of Kapama Karula’s delicious recipes has been included in the Africa Agape Safari Cookbook. It is an exciting and hilarious safari cookbook authored by Lynnet Chaurura, the first African female from the Roots of Africa who travelled extensively and worked in remote and Luxury Safari Camps in Africa – to create a book of this kind.
Kapama Smoked Tomato Soup

Her book has been recommended by the World Bank to help Revive Tourism in Africa as she dedicated this book towards not only Tourism but Sustainable Development in Africa and Climate Action initiatives. There are over 25 safari companies in this exciting safari cookbook including adventure companies such as The Land Rover Experience as Lynnet hosted them many times in Botswana. All companies featured in the book have a passion towards Responsible Tourism and have exhibited great love for our planet, people and wildlife.

Africa Agape Safari Cookbook is about people, places, cultures, nature and adventurous trips which exhibit love through the sharing of signature recipes with the most amazing people including stories and bush tales from unique locations and safari properties in Africa. If you love the bush and are crazy about Africa you can rekindle those African memories by trying out amazing recipes featured in the book while discovering some of Lynnet’s adventures in the bush.

Africa Agape cookbook

Her inspiration in writing this book was birthed from Peit and Jeltje Van Der Gaast who were her Hospitality mentors. They owned The Lekkerbek Family Restaurant in New Jersey, USA in the 1960s and committed their lives to embark on 20 adventurous Hospitality trips to Africa. Lynnet first met Peit and Jeltje in Botswana in 2003 when they were on their last mission.

She then made a follow up trip to The Hague, Holland that same year and came out of a Dutch newspaper as ‘Women Most Successful In Botswana.’ When Lynnet returned back from Holland she pursued her dream of working in the bush for a number of fascinating luxury safari camps as a Safari Hostess Manager for 10 years. 

Why should people buy a copy of this book

” When COVID-19 struck the tourism industry and the world – all doors were closed. These are hard times indeed, especially for the safari Industry in Africa. As we all know Tourism is a major contributor to African Economies. I can not image a life without Tourism for the African continent. Africa has always been struggling with unemployment, poverty, hunger and other challenges. So I decided to write this book to help Revive the Tourism Industry in Africa by creating inspiration for travelers through the “Africa Agape Safari Cookbook”. To bring light and hope to African Tourism in the midst of the dark times the world is currently facing, by featuring various locations, camps and lodges so that the world can see and read about the, and also support their projects. This hope is the seed which Revives Tourism ion Africa. When you buy Africa Agape Safari Cookbook 25% of all book sales go towards lodges and camps featured in the book and the various projects they are currently working on. Book exposure with further help support sustainable development in safari camps in Africa and save many jobs. The rest of the monies will go towards COVID response through providing sanitisers, face masks, tackling hunger, child and adult malnutrition and deforestation projects in Africa.”   Lynnet Chaurura:

If you would like pre-order a copy of the cook book and experience delicious cuisine from safari camps in South Africa and the rest of Africa – Here is a direct link http://travelagape.com/package/africa-agape-safari-cookbook/


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